Conference Venue


Markt 7, 8000 Bruges, Belgium

(Picture: Toerisme Brugge / Jan DHondt) 


Bruges is located in the northwest part of Belgium, at a 1 hour drive from Brussels and 20 minutes from the Belgian coast. The historic city centre is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO. The city centre features a peculiar style with a medieval flavour. Along with its large numbers of water channels, Bruges is sometimes referred to as The Venice of the North. The town also gathers many museums and can be considered as a major cultural cross-road in the heart of Europe.

The conference will be held at the Belfry of Bruges. One of the city's most prominent symbols, the belfry formerly housed a treasury and the municipal archives, and served as an observation post for spotting fires and other danger. A narrow, steep staircase of 366 steps, accessible by the public for an entry fee leads to the top of the 83 m (272 feet) high building.

The belfry forms part of a 13th century complex of halls, which served as a warehouse and a market hall in the Middle Ages. It houses, amongst other things, a carillon with 47 melodious bells. In the reception area, waiting visitors can discover all kinds of interesting information about the history and working of this unique world-heritage protected belfry. Those who take on the challenge of climbing the tower can pause for a breather on the way up in the old treasury, where the city’s charters, seal and public funds were kept during the Middle Ages, and also at the level of the impressive clock or in the carillonneur’s chamber. Finally, after a tiring 366 steps, your efforts will be rewarded with a breath-taking and unforgettable panoramic view of Bruges and her surroundings. 




                                                                                                                          (Picture: Toerisme Brugge / Jan Darthet)